Friday, 30 December 2011

Broken Truss Rod

Today was spent mainly working on a bass with a broken truss rod. The fretboard had to be removed, the truss rod replaced, and the board re-glued, restored and levelled.

Look out! Hot knife!

Fretboard removed.

Busted truss rod.

Routing template for new rod.

Routed and new rod installed.

Guide dowel for aligning the board during re-glue.

Stabbed my finger removing the melted fret markers. Watch it, kids.

Kept going, though.

Levelling! Check out the dip at the 12th fret. That's got to go.

Re-radiusing. The chalk shows what's left to be done.

Fret markers installed and epoxied in place.

That's all for now, more once I get back to the workbench. Dig it.

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