Thursday, 26 January 2012

Series/Parallel Modification

Having a series/parallel switch is a great way to get extra tones from any passive humbucking pickup configuration. Fender American Standard Precision and Jazz basses came with the infamous S1 switch for a time, allowing players to access these tones, and guitar players like Jimmy Page were early adopters of the parallel/series sound, modifying their stock instruments with push/pull pots and mini switches.

Here's the axe getting the mod, a nice Nash jazz-style bass.

Standard volume/volume/tone controls, for now.

Here's the standard layout. Neat!

Out with the old, in with the push/pull switch.

Re-wired and installed.


This bass can now produce a hotter, deeper tone with a mellow top end, perfect for old school Motown/Stax-style music. When this modification is performed on a precision-style bass, the tone becomes more defined and Stingray-like, with a snappier response.

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