Saturday, 7 January 2012

Warwick Thumb 6-String Re-fret

This customer bought a fretless-converted Warwick Thumb 6-String, and wanted to get it re-fretted.

On the bench, ready for restoration.

We decided to go with the original Warwick bell brass fret wire for this job. Bell brass frets are a little more malleable than nickel silver frets, and I had to be careful not to over-seat the fret ends before fitting the tang.

Masking off the fretboard around the soon-to-be re-cut fret slot.

When you buy the bell-brass fret wire from Warwick, you get exactly the number of pieces that you need, pre-cut. If you make a mistake with a piece, then you have to but another bag of 26 pieces. I made sure I took my time on this job.

Cutting the slot and checking the depth. The fret wire is also ready to go.

Re-slotting my way down the board.

Installation begins! The fretboard is waxed as a barrier for the gel-type glue in the slots.

Fretted all the way down the neck, ready for clean-up.


Bevelled and ready for levelling and crowning.

Cleaning up the fret ends.

Taped off and marked for levelling.

Crowning begins.

Crowned, polished and ready to go.

Strung up and happening!


I always like working on Warwick basses because they behave in a predictable way. They are very well engineered instruments and can almost always be brought back to top notch condition.

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